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Kate Bromell is a qualified Nutritionist with a Masters in Human Nutrition and a Bachelor Degree in Genetics. While undertaking her studies Kate completed an internship at Maylands Wellness Centre over 2 years. 

Kate is now using her knowledge and passion for healthy living to help people gain a better understanding of nutrition, supporting them to achieve their health goals and preventing disease through diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. Kate will design a personalised and sustainable program which gives you a good understanding of what nutrients you get in your current diet and highlight any deficiencies, assisting you to come up with healthy alternatives to avoid trigger foods, hidden sugars and processed foods. 

Areas of interest: 

DNA testing and gene profiles

With an interest in genetics Kate uses gene profiling to understand what works best for you based on your DNA and how to enhance your health through diet, exercise and lifestyle. 

Weight management 

It is important to investigate and understand why weight management is difficult. This includes looking at how well you metabolise carbohydrates, appetite control/satiety, food intolerances, gut microbiome imbalance, exercise and lifestyle choices. This allows you to ensure that all areas of your health are supporting your weight management. 

Sports Nutrition 

Sports performance can be enhanced with the right nutrition. This includes looking at the right foods to consume before, during and after exercise for energy, muscle building, muscle maintenance and recovery. 

Gut health 

Good gut health allows better absorption of nutrients, reduces toxic build up in the body, promotes good energy, immune and mental health. There is increasing research which shows that the gut microbiome underpins so many areas of health and this is why it is important to feed your microbiome the right food. 

Skin health 

There is more to skin health than giving it a good wash every day. Often there are other reasons for acne, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis and it is important to consider your diet, stress, allergies and gut health. 

Immune Support 

Diet plays an important role in your immune function as there are foods which help boost your immune system and foods which reduce your ability to fight off infection. 


There are important nutrients which help you cope with stress and making changes to diet and lifestyle can help you manage day to day. 


Feeling tired all the time can be due to a combination of factors including nutrition deficiencies, diet, sleep, exercise, hormones and stress. By understanding the root cause of your fatigue you are able to increase your energy. 

Kate is available Wednesday and Saturday and does individual consults as well as a 10 week Nutrition New You program. Private health rebate available.