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Integrative GP

You deserve to be happy in your body and together we can reach your goals to create a balanced, happy and healthy life

My philosophy and passion is to offer my patients a holistic and natural approach, integrated with conventional medicine to achieve and maintain health, beauty and vitality for a healthy lifespan. 

Dr Lata Boyce
“You deserve to be happy in your body and together we can reach your goals to create a balanced, happy and healthy life

My philosophy and passion is to offer my patients a holistic and natural approach, integrated with conventional medicine to achieve and maintain health, beauty and vitality for a healthy lifespan.”

Dr Boyce is a Specialist General Practitioner, Member and Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioner, Fellow and Board Certified with the Australasian and American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine and a Member of Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.

She has a particular interest in Nutritional, Environmental, Functional and Metabolic medicine integrating this with conventional medicine to treat her patients.

Nutritional and Environmental medicine is concerned with interaction of nutritional and environmental factors with human biochemistry and physiology and is evidence-based, drawing on the latest biomedical, genetic science and research to develop new treatment approaches to illness and disease for primary prevention promoting optimal health and well-being.

Functional medicine aims to investigate the underlying biochemical and physiological cause of disease using functional testing. Nutritional deficiencies, imbalances or the presence of environmental toxins in
the body can result in cellular dysfunction, illness or disease. Treatment is aimed at correcting underlying causes as well as providing symptomatic relief. This may involve removal of certain foods from the diet or toxins from the patient’s environment and including prescription of supplements such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids where diet and lifestyle alone cannot rectify physiological imbalances.

Her SPECIAL interests include and are not exclusive to:

Women’s Hormone Health with special interest on restoration and harmonizing your hormones including any Abnormal bleeding patterns Menopause, Perimenopause, Severe Premenstrual Syndrome, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, menstruation problems, Endometriosis, hair loss, excess hair, sexual dysfunction, depression, insomnia, weight gain, acne, itchy skin, bloating, mood changes, headaches, loss of libido and family planning

Men’s Health specializing in Andropause- decline in male testosterone levels, hair loss, weight gain, low mood, sexual dysfunction including erectile dysfunction, low motivation

Thyroid imbalance if you are on thyroid medications and continuing to have symptoms, tiredness, weight gain, constipation, skin dryness, hair loss -offering advanced testing to enable prescription of natural thyroid hormone along with T3

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia- are you tired of feeling tired?

Weight management by optimizing your hormones, gut health, neurotransmitter and genetic predispositions to provide a tailored weight loss program including specialized supplements and medications to help with food cravings and mood

Nutrigenomics the emerging science of personalized gene smart nutrition and lifestyle and exercise through gene profiling which enables to correct inherent metabolic and functional problems affecting your health and wellness. Chronic disease prevention by identifying variations that may be compromising your metabolism

Gut health with a functional approach once you have had colonoscopy/endoscopy and no cause for gut symptoms found. Acne, heartburn, constipation, loose bowels, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, inflammation, parasites. Investigating and treating your gut microbiome, Leaky Gut, SIBO, Dysbiosis, chronic allergies and histamine intolerance may help. Heal the brain via the gut

Cognitive decline to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s through Bredersen protocol

Mould exposure can cause a number of symptoms including nasal congestion, cough, respiratory infections, worsening allergies or asthma, fatigue, weakness, aches and digestive issues. Testing is available to understand effect of mould exposure.

Standard GP appointments are available including Mental Health Care Plans and Chronic Disease Management Plans but not emergency medicine or vaccinations.

Dr Boyce takes your nutritional status, mental health, biochemistry, hormones, genetics, environmental stress, lifestyle factors, immune and gut health into consideration to prescribe Body identical hormones and personalised nutrition with restoration of vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, amino acids along with conventionally prescribed medications.

By removing allergens, bad bacteria, yeast, parasites and fungus; replacing deficient digestive enzymes; prescribing high potency good bacteria and repairing your gut with natural supplements and herbs, Dr Boyce may be able to increases your immune function, energy, wellness and vitality and enables healthy ageing with a personalised preventative and treatment plan.

Dr Boyce has an ongoing participation in national and international conferences, workshops -and certifications enabling her to offer the latest in research and technologies in conventional, functional, metabolic, nutritional and cosmetic medicine connecting her interest and furthering her dedication to assist her patients in achieving healing and rejuvenation both internally and externally and hallmark of the personalised services she provides to her patients.

Conventional blood tests and other investigations as required:

• Functional gut tests

• Food Sensitivity profiles

• Cardiovascular profile - Advanced lipid profile to determine the need and type of medication and lifestyle changes required in combination with genetic risk assessment for thrombosis, hypertension and lipid profile

• Nutritional testing – identifies nutritional deficiency of mineral, vitamins, fatty acids

• Female and Male Hormone testing by blood, urine (DUTCH test), salivary testing including hormone metabolism whether you are processing your hormones in a healthy way which may prevent cancers

• Adrenal function by blood, urine salivary testing for cortisol

• Hair analysis for heavy metals

• Thyroid function testing TSH, T3, T4, Reverse t3 and thyroid antibodies plus minerals and vitamins required to support healthy thyroid function

• DNA Genetic profiling which examines the genes responsible for our general health and well-being and offers you strategies for optimal nutrition, chronic disease prevention, identify specific metabolic processes which are dysfunctional, dietary responsiveness and targeted supplementation. Carb Choice DNA testing is available to help you choose the right carbs based on your genes.

Early testing and treatment protocols can help maintain good health for as long as possible delaying the onset of serious debility and increasing your health span, not just your lifespan!

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