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What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is the use of natural therapies including herbal medicine, nutrition, diet, homeopathy, flower essences and lifestyle support to assist and support the body to heal. The main principles are based on the body’s own ability to heal and treating the whole person not just the symptom.

Naturopathy has evolved and in the 21st century there is a focus on evidence based natural medicine. The good news is that the studies and research are supporting natural treatments which have been around for hundreds of years.

The aim is assist you back to the best health possible so you can maintain a good diet and lifestyle and ideally not need to take supplements long term.

The human body is truly amazing and by giving it the tools it needs to support the whole body, mind and spirit, you can assist yourself to enjoy good health.

Why do does a Naturopath ask so many questions and use functional testing?

Naturopaths look at your whole health picture and use functional testing in conjunction with asking detailed questions to ensure a good understanding of the cause of any health issues. Often there are many reasons for your health issues and to give you the best possible outcome it is important to thoroughly investigate the cause which is unveiled through the answers you give to the questions about your health, habits and lifestyle.

We also use a range of functional testing including blood tests, Cortisol (Adrenal Fatigue), Salivary Hormone testing for both women and men, Hair Mineral Tissue Analysis, Gut Microbial Profile, Pyrroles and DNA gene test. You may need to be referred for testing as part of the investigation process and it is possible to have some pathology referred by your GP.

Some common reasons to visit a naturopath are low energy, stress, weight loss, fertility and hormones, detoxing, digestive health, skin, allergies, immune and cancer support with the aim to restore and maintain your wellbeing.

What is Iridology and what can it tell me?

Iridology is one tool a naturopath uses to help assess your health and is the study of the structure, colouring and markings of the iris in the eyes. The iris is linked to the body via the neuro-optic reflex, which forms a connection linking the tissues of the iris to the nervous system and impressions from all over the body are sent to the iris.

Iridology isn’t able to diagnosis disease, illness or any other conditions but is able to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

By studying your iris naturopaths are able to determine your inherited resilience or vitality. This shows how the body will cope under adverse conditions i.e. stress, poor diet and how quickly it will recover. It also shows which organs or systems have strengths and weaknesses and the pathway to illness based on these. For example when under stress some people will suffer from headaches whereas others will get a sore throat or suffer digestive issues.

How do you look at my Iris?

Some naturopaths use a portable digital iris camera which takes a high resolution picture of your iris and allows us to view your iris picture on a computer screen. We have this available at the clinic.