Rebecca loves puzzles so enjoys working with people who have complicated or difficult health issues, this can often mean:

- You feel like you are in the “too hard” basket
- You are not getting answers from testing
- You feel stuck on the illness “Merry-go-round”
- You are unsure if all the products you are taking are working 

Rebecca understands that complex health issues can include multiple health problems such as digestive or gut disorders, hormones out of balance, auto immune disease, inflammation, stress, poor immunity and fatigue. Her approach is all about finding the right pieces of your puzzle and helping you make realistic sustainable changes to improve your health and wellbeing. Rebecca is very passionate about living life and making healthy decisions and exudes personal warmth that allows her to easily connect with people of all ages and life experience.

As a naturopath, Rebecca reviews your whole health to provide you with your own personal “Wellness Toolbox” using diet, herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle support. While she recommends supplements, these are not for life and the aim is to use what is best to help you get your health back to balance.

Areas of Interest:

• Gastrointestinal Health

• Hormones & Women’s Health

• Skin Issues

• Stress & Fatigue

• Children’s Health

• Weight Management

• Plant Based Diet

• DNA Testing and Gene Profiles

• Workshops and Corporate Health

Rebecca uses a range of tools and testing including blood and urine tests, DNA gene profile analysis, salivary hormones, microbiome (stool) tests, tongue and nail analysis and iridology to assist in putting the pieces together.

She enjoys working with the local community and runs regular workshops providing easy to understand health information and education to assist you to make the best diet and lifestyle choices for you.

Rebecca is a qualified Naturopath and Western Herbalist who has had extensive training over the past 12 years while working in the natural health industry.

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